The pilot Project SERBATEC for the creation of a Cross-border Network of Resources and Technology-based Services was designed to generate certain conditions which would allow for the creation and consolidation of technology-based companies in the Galicia - North of Portugal Euroregion, giving priority to the structuring of an interior axis (Lugo / Ourense / Braga / Porto) concurring with the so-called Atlantic Axis.
The initiative allowed for the creation of a website designed by both Galician and Portuguese partners under the protection of the INTERREG IIIA Community Initiative.
This website attempts to help businessmen, entrepreneurs and, on the whole, any person who has an idea of business and who seeks information to create his/her company or to establish it in anywhere in the Galicia – North of Portugal Euroregion..
In this way, SERBATEC has a number of tools which provide the user with information about the following questions: financing search, location of industrial sites, site of the resources of the value chain of companies in particular sectors, and information about entities of interest related to the protection of knowledge.

Critic services

The project supports the initiatives of cross-border technological cooperation by facilitating companies with a technological basis with access to a number of critical services that no other project or network in the area offers, such as:
  • Tools for knowledge protection. The objective of these tools is to increase the number of patents and copyright offices in the Euro-region.
  • Support mechanisms for product and service marketing. Due to the constant process of internalization, the companies need to increase their business dimension by looking to attain several cooperation agreements and their technological innovation, with impact on both production and distribution processes and on management as well. With the aim of helping companies in the area in this field, SERBATEC offers local logistic packages and online technological diagnosis tools to the entrepreneurs and technological companies in the area (University – CIT – Companies – Associations – Clusters – Company Centres).
  • Tools and financing opportunities in the Euro-region. These tools support the design of on-line financing strategies in order to make better use of the company’s public and private financing tools.
  • Business support resources present in the region. It includes the support of infrastructures, industrial grounds, financing tools, marketing, etc. which are complemented by local logistic packages to identify critical agents in the very value chain. The idea of using these two tools is to increase the contact between companies and institutions with a technological basis on both sides of the border, and to help capture industrial investments in the Euro-region related to location advantages or associated to processes of expansion of other industrial centres (for example, the automobile sector, textile sector, etc. ) and in this way, confront the scarce foreign investment in the area. This service is very important considering the increasing competitiveness between regions for the acquisition of companies and investments, visitors and community funds.