PARQUE Project

The PARQUE project (Reinforcement and Strengthening of Business-Useful Resources) was an experimental plan whose main objective was to approach the modernization of business parks in the Galicia-North of Portugal Euro-region, improving its business competitiveness by means of a sustainable model. It was developed from May 2006 to June 2008 and its goals were to get investments, improve the basic services in the parks, install advanced services of technological transfer, and stimulate the cross-border business internationalization and cooperation.
The project aimed to implement and validate an experimental plan of action which provided new services to six new business parks in Galicia and in the North of Portugal to transform them into attraction poles of new business investments and also reinforced the competitive improvement of the companies that were already settled, providing specialized support to the agents in their process of technological transition. The project had a budget of nearly three million euros, 75% of which the FEDER was in charge of.
Six business parks of the Euro-region participated in the project. They work as primary nodes of the TELÉPOLE cross-border network (Red Telemática de Parques Empresariales: Telematic Net of Business Parks), virtually interconnecting such infrastructures by means of a VoIP network. The business parks that form the TELÉPOLE net are Sabón (A Coruña), O Ceao (Lugo), Parque Tecnológico y Logístico de Valladares (Vigo), Parque Tecnolóxico de Galicia (Ourense), Zona Industrial de Chaves (Chaves) and the Zona Industrial de Bragança (Bragança).
Apart from the communications over VoIP, common services of video surveillance, video streaming, webcasting and geographical location in the parks participating in the Project were introduced and acted as initial nodes of a network with extensive vocation which reached the rest of the infrastructures on industrial sites present in the Euro-region.

General objectives

  • To promote the competitive improvement of the productive base of the Euro-region in accordance with the impacts derived from the internationalization and globalization of the economy.
  • To reinforce the modernization of the new investment attraction poles.
  • To contribute to the creation of an integrated cross-border market.

Specific objectives.

  • To extend the information society into the economy and business fabric.
  • To stimulate the business initiative capacity.
  • To organize information and knowledge transfer networks.
  • To develop services common to the border companies.
  • To develop a Telematic network of Advanced Services of Telecommunications for Business Parks.


The action plan saw the introduction of the following main strategies:
  • Improvement of basic services in the existing parks.
  • Determination of a sustainable model of business parks.
  • Development and implementation of advanced technological transfer services.
  • Reinforcement of the cross-border internationalization and business cooperation.
  • Investment acquisitions.

The role of the Park in the project.

Tecnópole participated in the project as a technological partner supporting the introduction of advanced solutions of IP telephony in the different business parks with the aim of building the so called TELÉPOLE Net, which is the telematic support of voice interconnection over IP protocol of the six parks participating in the project.


The integration of elements such as videoconference and IP video telephony has the potential of changing the way in which the organizations communicate completely. It provides all the benefits of IP telephony and IP videoconference, such as costs reduction, productivity increase, maximization of the technological infrastructure capacity, but above all, it provides a powerful tool of cooperation, solving the problem of users that do not have video systems, and with this solution, allowing them to interact with those that do have them.