Tecnópole is leader of the European project ER-INNOVA granted in 2008 and developed between 2009 and 2011. It is an initiative aimed at starting up a type of service in the Galicia-North of Portugal Euro-region, which encourages the use of advanced tools based on ICT and intended for the renewable energies sector.
The partners of this project are, besides the Technology Park of Galicia, NET SA (Novas Empresas e Tecnologías SA), the managing company of BIC Porto (Business and Innovation Centre de Porto); the Galician association of enterprises devoted to Internet (EGANET); and the Foundation to Promote industrial quality and technological development of Galicia.
Its objective is to improve the energy SMEs competitiveness through the optimization of the basic business processes (internal management, relations with other agents that interact in the sector, etc.) and the adaptation of a virtual common ground for the exchange of goods and services among enterprises and the promotion of collaborative i+D+i activities.
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