Biotechnology Laboratory

The biotechnology laboratory is a facility equipped with the most modern equipment that Tecnópole makes available to companies and centres in an unprecedented initiative to facilitate access to necessary technology in the development of R&D&innovation focused on biotech sector under very advantageous use conditions.
The use of the laboratory is open to any business or technology or research centre in Spain, with special rates for entities located in Tecnópole and research groups of the three Galician universities. The use of the equipment can be formalized for a period of time ranging from one hour to the number of days, weeks or months as necessary.
The initial investment made in the laboratory amounted to 477,000 euros, of which 75% was financed by a loan from the Ministry of Science and Innovation, granted under its line of support for R & D projects performed in science and technology parks.
The installation is located in Tecnópole I Building, with 310 m², divided into three working areas: physical-chemical testing laboratory, microbiological testing laboratory and space for training and administrative tasks.
The option of having own working spaces and storage of material, free working time and the advanced security system and access control are some of the added benefits of this scientific-technological cutting-edge installation.

Biotechnology Laboratory Plan

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Equipment and Furniture

Laboratory of physic-chemical tests (134,84 m²)

  • HPLC (Agilent quaternary pump 1200)
  • GCMS Agilent.
  • Binocular Microscope MULTI-PURPOSE AZ-100 NIKON.
  • Computerized microtome HM-355 S - MICROM.
  • Refrigerators with forced air FV 570L - RADIBER(B.E.)
  • Upright Freezers 7081 479-00 LIEBHERR. (B.E.)
  • Semi-automatic sample application and dosage model LINOMAT 5.
  • Balance 4000g - 0,01 Internal Cal.Summit - DENVER SARTORIUS.(B.E.)
  • Balance 200g - 0,001 Summit Internal Cal. - DENVER SARTORIUS.(B.E.)
  • UPW Equipment RO1-COMPACT PETLAB.(B.E.)
  • Magnetic stirrer 12L. ACS 160.(B.E.)
  • Rotary evaporator BÜCHI BU23011V000 vertical model R.210V.(B.E.)
  • onometer desktop pH meter 1500 + CAT CYBERSCAN.(B.E.)
  • Rotating Centrifuge 460R.
  • Drying oven with forced air circulation UFE-700 MEMMERT..(B.E.)
  • Ultra Centrifugal Mill ZM200 with collecting vessel 900 ML RETSCH..

Microbiological Testing Laboratory (84,73 m²)

  • Balance 210g - 0,01g - DENVER – SARTORIUS.(B.E.)
  • Refrigerated Incubator ICP-500 MEMMERT.(B.E.)
  • Vertical Autoclave 75L - STERILCLAV – RAYPA.(B.E.)
  • Binocular Microscope B350A-OPTIKA.(B.E.)
  • Desktop Lyophilizer with vacuum pump CRYODOS TELSTAR-50.
  • Stove culture INE-500 MEMMERT.(B.E.)
  • Laminar flow chamber TELSTAR/AV100.(B.E.)

Multipurpose and free equipment space for teaching and administrative tasks (90,88 m²).


  • Central table 5150x1650x900 (2 Units)
  • Central table with integrated sink 5150x1650x900 (6 Units)
  • Wall-side table 6800x750x900 (1 Unit)
  • Wall-side table 8400x750x900 (1 Unit)
  • Wall-side table at an angle 5250x750x900 (1 Unit)
  • Wall-side table of balances 900x750x900 (1 Unit)
  • Superior furniture showcase 1200x350x750 (2 Units)
  • Cabinets 1200x450x2250 (10 Units)
  • Safety cabinet 1200x550x2250 (4 Units)
  • Acid Cabinet 900x500x900 (6 Units)
  • Base Cabinet 900x500x900 (6 Units)
  • Fume Cabinet (1 Unit)
  • Emergency Eyewash (5 Units)
  • Stool (22 Units)
  • Gas extraction hood 1200x800 (1 Unit)
  • Gas point (1 Unit)
B.E.: Basic Equipment
Action co-funded by:

Laboratory Rates

  External companies Tecnópole companies and research groups of the Galician Universities
½ single day (4 hours to equipment) Full single day (10 hours to equipment) Month ½ single day (4 hours to equipment) Full single day (10 hours to equipment) Month
200 € 300 € To negotiate 100 € 150 € 900 €
40 € 70 €   20 € 35 €  
60 € 100 €   30 € 50 €  
GCMS and/or
200 € 400 €   100 € 200 €  
Linomat 5 40 € 70 €   20 € 35 €  
Centrifuge 40 € 70 €   20 € 35 €  
40 € 70 €   20 € 35 €  
Lyphilizer 40 € 70 €   20 € 35 €  
Laminar flow
40 € 70 €   20 € 35 €  
  • The basic lab rate includes free use of 18 of the 27 equipments (scales, ovens, autoclave, etc.).
  • Rental of a specific team necessarily implies the use and rent of the basic laboratory.
  • The monthly rental lab is a 50% discount rate for the use of the equipments.
  • Tecnópole companies and research groups of the three Galician Universities will benefit from an additional 50% discount on regular rates for the use of equipments from the fifth use in the month.
  • Foreign companies will pay 10 euros less per hour on the half-time rate below uses of this period of time (190 € for 3 hours, 180 € for 2 hours and 170 € for 1 hour).
Action co-funded by:

Terms of Use

The biotechnology laboratory is a specialized service to support researching activities that allows its users to enjoy all benefits and the freedom it offers its own laboratory without incurring the high costs of acquisition and maintenance of the equipments.
Best practices – user is expected to perform appropriate use of laboratory resources as it is also offered a Manual of Good Practice.
All inclusive – The cleaning, equipment maintenance and running costs (electricity, water, compressed air, vacuum, etc...) associated with the use of the facilities are included in the rate.
Good condition guaranteedTecnópole has a plan for preventive and corrective maintenance of equipment and facilities to ensure its smooth operation and availability of a repair service in case of failure.
Maximum security – The Tecnópole Maintenance Department is responsible for ensuring the security of the facility by:
  • Personal access system through electronic cards.
  • Entry and exit Control.
  • Video surveillance service and night security.
Feel at home – The laboratory is equipped so that it is possible the locked storage of own equipment, samples and material owned by users, thus avoiding the continuous, time-consuming and even dangerous transfer of resources.
Open to requests – Users are able to participate in the process of continuous improvement of the facilities applying the purchase of new equipment.
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Laboratory Application

En nombre de la empresa tratamos la información que nos facilita con el fin de prestarles el servicio solicitado. Los datos proporcionados se conservarán mientras se mantenga la relación comercial o durante el tiempo necesario para cumplir con las obligaciones legales. Los datos no se cederán a terceros salvo en los casos en que exista una obligación legal. Usted tiene derecho a obtener confirmación sobre si en PARQUE TECNOLÓXICO DE GALICIA, SA estamos tratando sus datos personales por tanto tiene derecho a acceder a sus datos personales, rectificar los datos inexactos o solicitar su supresión cuando los datos ya no sean necesarios. Puede tener acceso a información adicional sobre cómo tratamos sus datos en la sección Política de Protección de Datos, en esta misma página web.